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Why should I have my old fuse box upgraded?

Old fuse boxes can be unsafe and should be replaced with a modern ‘consumer unit’. If we were to rewire your home, we always fit a modern consumer unit, incorporating an RCD.

What is an RCD?

An RCD [Residual Current Device] monitors the balance of the live and neutral electric current flow. An imbalance occurs if electrical current leaks from a circuit because of faulty insulation, or because someone has touched a live part and received an electric shock.

If the RCD detects an imbalance, it switches off the electricity supply immediately – fast enough to prevent an electric shock being fatal.

Is it expensive to have extra sockets fitted?

Not necessarily - This can depend on access to the existing circuit, due to the type of floor coverings. A typical example would be adding an extra socket to the opposite side of a room that only had one original socket – Call/Email for a quotation.

Should I call you if my light switch flashes when I turn on the light?

Yes. Should any work be required, we will give a free quotation and very often we can fix this type of problem in a single visit to your home.

I have just bought a house and I have been advised by my mortgage company to get an electrical inspection/test. Can you help?

Yes, we can do a full inspection and test and provide all appropriate test certificates. Just give us a call or email.

I have had an inspection and test done and failed – what happens? Do I have to pay for the re-test when the remedial work is complete?

No, you do not have to pay twice

If we perform your inspection and test and there are non-compliant results, we will offer you a quotation to rectify the faults and include the cost [based on the extra time taken ONLY] to retest these items.

However, if you decide to get the remedial work done by someone else then the whole test will have to be repeated and you may end up paying more. The most cost effective way to gain a ‘passed’ inspection and test is to have the test and remedial work done by the same company and have the re-test elements included in the job. You then ONLY pay for work done rather than paying for test twice.

Why is 1966 a significant year? (apart from England winning the World Cup).

The regulations concerning lighting circuits were radically upgraded in 1966. 

Before this upgrade, there was no requirement to wire an earth cable in lighting circuits. Householders then began purchasing metal light fittings and switches and installing them which can be dangerous. The building boom of the 1960's has left a legacy of many properties with un-earthed lighting circuits that have subsequently had metal light fittings installed. Is your home one of those? Give us a call or email and lets us check it out.